Friday, June 24, 2011

Clock from Petrified Wood Slice

Here's one D in DnD Creates (Dave), I'm the other (Dori). When we bought our rundown acreage in February 2010 (the one that had sat empty for more than a year and was previously lost by someone in foreclosure) Dave saw vision in the 5.69 acres and the large, run down machine building by the driveway. His grandpa was an avid rock hound and left much good fortune to a college geology department, in addition to leaving many ton of rock and mineral from around the world with his saws and polishers to Dave's dad. The equipment sat in a basement for 20 some years unused until Dave packed it up into several pickup loads (with his brother's help) and hauled it 3 hours to His "new" workshop. This was despite the fact we had many other things to do, but this was his dream and when opportunity knocks ......

He found a slice of petrified wood cut by his grandpa that had saw marks in it from the original cut. After polishing it using a refurbished belt sander found in the basement collection (it didn't work until his magic was performed), Dave drilled a whole in the center and attached a clock and numbers for his desk at work so others can tell what time it is ... or maybe so they don't lose track of time chatting. ;-)

When I first married Dave in 1989 it was often said in his family, "It's a Harvey thing".... I understand this love of nature and mechanical wizardry now. It is in his blood. This also helps me understand why everywhere we go I get a small but awesome looking souvenir rock that he found there, I have a whole jewelry box full of these memories. I even have them marked from where we were when he found it. Maybe this is odd, but our family photo album is also filled with pictures of plants, shrubs, birds, trees, flowers, etc, and even my two grown children do this now. I have grown accustomed to it as I understand, "It's a Harvey thing". My photo album are of the people I love and of the artistic projects that they do, although I don't get into the naturey thing, I do appreciate it and love them that do.

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